Welcome to Broad Star Tutoring!  My name is Dr. Elaine Hays and I am the founder and owner of this unique Literacy and Subject Tutoring company. What makes us unique? Simple, our community-based teaching and teachers.  I personally teach all ages for reading and writing, including high school.  I give each one of my students the 1:1 personal care that they deserve and keep an open communication line between me, the family, and your student’s teachers.

If your needs are math and science, I call on a professional tutors and teachers from your community who have been vetted by me.  Independent contractors will also give you the same personal service and will get to know your child’s teachers and your school’s philosophy.

Our tutoring space in Middleboro is also a great place to take part in a variety of after-school workshops. All we need is your child and a few friends.  Call Elaine to schedule the perfect activity for your child’s age group.

I also give 1:1 tutoring and group classes for the AP English Language and Composition exam and the English portions of the SAT & ACT exams.

For education articles directed to teachers and parents, go to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/broadstartutoring.  Like and share!

Thank you!

Dr. Elaine Hays