What about our older students?

I’m hearing a lot about elementary-age students (thank goodness!), but today I want to talk about the needs of our middle school and high school students. As we know, the habits of tweens and teens can be moody (no kidding) and less cooperative when it comes to school work. The same suggestions and schedules are not meant for older siblings, so what do you do?

First of all, I would not try to control their schedule, but at the same time, monitor their sleep patterns and screen time. Finding ways for your teens to exercise will also be helpful. As for academics, this age group needs as much guidance from their teachers as our younger students. Do they have required reading? Reading activities for middle school could include keeping a log of characters and events in their books or researching countries and places that make up the settings in their books. For instance, I am working with a middle school student now who is reading a book about the Vietnam War. It’s been fun for both of us to look up the culture of Vietnam in 1967 and the counter-culture in the United States. What a meaningful way to teach about the student demonstrations against the war and the marches for civil rights!

Do you have a high school junior or senior preparing for college? College essays to write? What about other academic requirements to finish requirements for graduation? This is a perfect time to do that research for the end-of-the-year research papers.

If your student is going off to college next year, now is the perfect time to work on time management when it comes to project work and balancing four or more college courses. Building these habits of mind now will give your high school senior a head start for the demands of college.

Missing out on college visits? Get in touch with the admissions department of each school and inquire about virtual tours or one-on-one video-conferencing appointments. Schools will be accommodating to their incoming students.

Lastly, I have spent my entire career helping high school students prepare for college and supporting first year students once they get there. Most students are not prepared for the college reading and writing that will be expected of them.

Please let me now if you would like to set up a Zoom conference on middle school, high school, or college reading and writing skills.

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Hang in there!