The Power of Tutoring

When working with students at the college level, I am always amazed at how many talented students do not have healthy study habits—from note-taking to knowing the simple rule of reading with a pencil in their hand.  Helping students to learn that their academic success depends on productive study habits is a significant reason why I believe in the power of tutoring.

When working with a tutor, students become adept at reading textbooks strategically, e.g., learning to pay attention to headings, subheadings, visuals, and context clues like bold and italics. With a tutor, high school students learn how to read and annotate articles from academic journals, pose questions, and write college papers, which, by the way, are miles away from the high school five-paragraph essay. For students preparing for college, tutors become guides and mentors by teaching teens how to improve their skills.

While the cost of tutoring may, in some cases, be beyond a parent’s financial means, working with a tutor for even a short time can make a difference.  At Broad Star Tutoring,  we design each session according to the student’s needs.

Working Together is What We Do!

The Power of Tutoring!

Dr. Elaine Hays

Broad Star Tutoring


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